Education at Foxglove

The wide variety of habitats provide an ideal opportunity for children of all ages to explore and discover the natural world. We have a full programme of activities which can be accessed not only by schools, but other children’s groups as well.

Planning Your Visit

A planning visit to the Reserve is essential.  Assistance can be given on this visit if you contact the Reserve Managers before hand.

Use our guide to help you plan your visit. This includes details of adult and children numbers, access to the Reserve, suitable clothing and activities.

Use our online form to make a booking enquiry and choose your activities.

Activity Sheets

We provide a range of seasonal activity sheets for schools and children's groups to use on the Reserve.

These fun learning activities cover various skills such as observation and recording and activity types such as literacy, numeracy and art. They are sorted into key stages.

Education Pack

Foxglove Covert LNR has its own Education Pack which is available to teachers at the cost of £40. 

This contains activities suitable for Key Stages 1 to 4 and covers diverse skills.  This outstanding piece of work was designed for use at Foxglove but is suitable for anywhere.

Download samples of our education pack.