Adopt-A-Box Scheme

This scheme gives people the opportunity to sponsor nest boxes and bat boxes on the reserve. It has been set up to help us raise vital funds for our conservation efforts. By sponsoring a box here you will be helping to fund our conservation work, improving habitats for many species.

There are over 100 bird boxes on the reserve, each of which is visited by the bird ringers during the breeding season. We attempt to catch the adult as well as recording and ringing any chicks that are found. All of this data is then sent to the British Trust for Ornithology and used for conservation work and population monitoring studies.

Our bat boxes are used as roosting sites during the summer months. These are checked annually and any bats recorded.

There are three styles of bird box you can adopt

Standard box: suitable for birds such as Blue and Great Tits (£6 per year)

Special box: suitable for larger birds such as Tawny Owls. We also have boxes suitable for Dippers (£11 per year)

Bat boxes are the same price as our Standard boxes (£6 per year)

Nesting Blue Tits from our camera box on the side of the Field Centre.

Our Commitment

On joining the Adopt-A-Box scheme, you will receive a certificate with a picture of your box and a map marking its location. If you adopt a bird box, we will contact you during the autumn with a report on successes of the breeding season here on the reserve. With your end of season report you will receive a renewal form for the coming year.

The bird ringers also host a walk in the spring where you can visit some of the nest boxes in our scheme to observe and learn about the process of bird ringing.

Your Sponsorship

Your year’s sponsorship will cover one breeding season in full (one roosting season for bat boxes). Apply before 1st June and your sponsorship will expire on 31st December of that year. Apply after 1st June and your sponsorship will expire on 31st December of the following year.

How to Adopt-A-Box

To adopt a box, please fill in the online form below. Alternatively you will find application forms in the Field Centre which can be completed on your next visit to Foxglove.

If you want to give a box as a gift to someone, please complete the application with that person’s name and address. We will include a small card with the certificate if you let us know what greeting you would like to send.

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