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Spectacle - Abrostola tripartita

Yellow-barred Brindle - Acasis viretata

Water Veneer - Acentria ephemerella

Food plants include Canadian Pondweed. stoneworts, filamentous algae and possibly other water plants.

Yellow Horned - Achlya flavicornis

Flight season late February to mid April. Over-winters as a pupa in a thin cocoon in leaf litter. Food plants Silver and Downy Birch.

Acleris emargana

Food plants include Goat Willow, occaisionally birches; in folded leaves or between two leaves

Acleris hastiana

Adult hibernates. Food plants include Sallows which we have at Foxglove, but no White Poplar or Bog-myrtle!

Acleris laterana

Easily disturbed by day, flies at dusk and comes to light.

Rhomboid Tortrix - Acleris rhombana

Garden Rose Tortrix - Acleris variegana

Alder Moth - Acronicta alni

Miller - Acronicta leporina

Poplar Grey - Acronicta megacephala

Dark/Grey Dagger - Acronicta psi/tridens

Althought the caterpillars can be identified the adult moths are much more difficult, hence Dark/Grey Dagger

Knot Grass - Acronicta rumicis

Adela reaumurella

Grey Birch - Aethalura punctulata

Aethes cnicana

Aethes rubigana

Aethes smeathmanniana

Agapeta hamana

Agonopterix arenella

Agonopterix ciliella

ID’d in August 2018

Agonopterix conterminella

Agonopterix liturosa

Agonopterix nervosa

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