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Acidia cognata

Allocotocera pulchella

Allodiopsis rustica

Argyra argentina

Argyra argyria

Argyra diaphana

Argyra ilonae

Argyra leucocephala

Argyra perplexa

Austrolimnophila ochracea

Baccha elongata

Murky-legged Black Legionnaire - Beris chalybata

Bibio johannis

Bibio lanigerus

Bibio lepidus

Bibio leucopterus

Bibio longipes

St Mark's Fly - Bibio marci

In 2017 the reserve was covered in these flies! A good year for them.

Bibio nigriventris

Bibio pomonae

Bicellaria nigra

Bicellaria vana

Dark-edged Bee-fly - Bombylius major

This is the common 'bee-fly' which is associated with Primroses. During the spring these insects hover at Primroses.

Brevicornu sericoma

Campsicnemus curvipes

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