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Acanthocyclops robustus

Acroperus harpae

Alona affinis

Alona guttata

Alona rectangula

Water Hoglouse - Asellus aquaticus

Candona candida

Chydorus sphaericus

Crangonyx pseudogracilis

Cyclocypris ovum

Cypria ophtalmica

Daphnia sp

Found in the fish tank with toadpoles. The water had originally come from the garden pond.

Eucyclops (Eucyclops) macruroides

Eucyclops (Eucyclops) macrurus

Eucyclops (Eucyclops) serrulatus

Eurycercus (Eurycercus) lamellatus

Freshwater Shrimp - Gammarus pulex

Ilyocypris bradyi

Macrocyclops albidus

Macrocyclops fuscus

Notodromas monacha

Simocephalus exspinosus

Simocephalus vetulus