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Hawthron Shield Bug - Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale

Adelges laricis

Anthocoris nemoralis

Common Flower Bug - Anthocoris nemorum

Giant Froghopper - Aphrophora alni

Water Bug - Callicorixa praeusta

Calocoris (Calocoris) alpestris

Calocoris (Closterotomus) norwegicus

Calocoris (Grypocoris) stysi

Calocoris (Lophyromiris) sexguttatus

Black and Red Froghopper - Cercopis vulnerata

This frog hopper lives underground in its solidified froth. It lives on the roots of plants. Once rare in the north, now more common.

Green Leaf Hopper - Cicadella viridis

The male is blue whilst the female is more green. They like the damp wetland and marshy areas and can be seen from July through to Ocotber.

Juniper Aphid - Cinara (Cupressobium) juniperi

As the name suggests these aphids were found on the Junipers near the Cascading Ponds.

Cixius nervosus

Corixa punctata

Corizus hyoscyami

This was found on the heath during an activity for children run by Dr Key

Cymus glandicolor

Juniper Shield Bug - Cyphostethus tristriatus

Deraeocoris (Deraeocoris) ruber

Parent Bug - Elasmucha grisea

Pond Skater - Gerris (Gerris) gibbifer

Common Pond Skater - Gerris (Gerris) lacustris

Toothed Pond Skater - Gerris (Gerris) odontogaster

Gerris (Gerriselloides) lateralis

Hesperocorixa castanea

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