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Activity Sheets

We provide a range of seasonal activity sheets for schools and children's groups to use on the reserve.

These fun learning activities cover various skills such as observation and recording and activity types such as literacy, numeracy and art. They are also categorised into Key Stages.

You can download and print the activities below for your vist. When making a booking enquiry please indicate which activities you plan to do.

Activity Sheets

Autumn Amble

Activities with autumn leaves. You need to be in the woodland for this walk.

Autumn Colour Walk

Find plants and trees of different colours on this autumn walk.

Can You Find These Plants?

Can you find these plants as you walk around Foxglove Covert?

Counting Walk

See how many insects, flowers and other things you can count on your walk around the reserve.

Flower Identification

Indentify these flowers around the reserve.

Food Glorious Food -  Minibeasts

What do the minibeasts eat?


Can you answer these questions all about frogs?

How Observant are You?

There are lots of things to find on the reserve. Can you spot them?

Hunt the Leaves

Can you find these plants as you walk around Foxglove Covert?

Minibeast Hunting

Where are the minibeasts?  What can you find?

Moving Minibeasts

How do minibeasts move?

Plant Detective

Plant detective!  What is your final total?

Plant ID in April

Can you find these plants as you walk around Foxglove Covert?  Record where you find each one.

Pond Dipping

Table to record results from pond dipping

Spring is Nearly Here Walk

What can you find on your spring is nearly here walk?

Summer Alphabet Walk

Match the things you can find around the reserve with letter of the alphabet.

Summer Colour Alphabet

For each plant, animal or habitat you record can you write down a colour that describes it – purple, red, black, blue?


Can you answer these questions all about toads?

Winter Ramble

How many points can you get on this winter ramble?