Saturday, April 8th 2023

Foxglove only has one reptile on its species list, the Common Lizard.  These secretive creatures are usually spotted during the summer, but not often.  Last summer, however, was a bumper year with many volunteers and visitors having the great pleasure of creeping up and photographing them.  Secretive yes, but some were very brave and were spotted in places where they would not have been expected, in the car park and on a busy boardwalk.  One even kept Bob company whilst he was working.  During the winter whilst browsing some photographs I noticed something a little different on one of the lizards.  On closer examination it appeared to be old skin.  Where would we be without the internet and email.  Discussions, over the ether, took place, as I assumed like snakes, that they sloughed their skins whole starting at the head.  apparently not, they slough their skin in pieces. 

There were also sightings of young, sunbathing with the adults, although there is no parental care.  Thank you to Janet for the photo.

It will have to be much warmer and sunnier for longer, before our lizards make an appearance from hibernation.  They are cold blooded and need the warmth and sun to heat their bodies. 

Back in Gibraltar, warmth and sun is not in short supply.  A lizard was spotted and I must admit it reminded me of a certain green lizard that is seen in Death in Paradise. Unfortunatley 'Harry' as he is known, is a computer generated lizard but he is based on a real lizard - a Guadeloupan Anole.

Another reptile spotted was this gecko.

If walking around later in the year you spot a Common Lizard please let us know.  If you can describe where you saw it that would be very helpful as it will assist with our habitat management in the coming winter.

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