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Monday, January 28th 2013

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the Foxglove Covert LNR Bird and Flower Quiz was Mrs. V. Darwin who got every one of the 50 questions correct!  Second place went to Lillian and Tony Cooper with 49/50, and third place to Viv Winter with 48/50. 

Thank you to Glennis and Pat who have spent much time putting the quiz together and to Pat for donating the £10 prize.  In total this has raised £90 which will directly benefit the conservation work here.

The answers to the questions are:


1. A cockney's abrasive - Sandpiper

2. Bread flour - Wheatear

3. Bad French fat - Mallard

4. It always goes into holes - Pigeon

5. One of many in a pie - Blackbird

6. Effect on the nerves of a noise in the dark - Nightjar

7. Bandage, skate, or just a canary? - Roller

8. Is this another name for a bee? - Buzzard

9. Short measure after chopped straw - Chaffinch

10. It spoils the fun; it does not rust - Martin

11. Horses and humans can suffer from it - Thrush

12. Spanish river in a dance cry - Oriole

13. Not a big assignment - Little Stint

14. Surely well equipped to read his music - Spectacled Warbler

15. Fool about - Lark

16. Put that in your pipe - Shag

17. Fiery circle - Flamingo

18. I've a doctor inside - Diver

19. Does the wall confine the pig? Quite the reverse - Swallow

20. Sorry! I've lost my head - Egret

21. Drunken wine god - Widgeon

22. Sounds as if you have to go round the corner - Tern

23. Tram in gap (anag.) - Ptarmigan

24. Cockneys deny its musical ability - Sparrow

25. Should be found near Whitstable - Oystercatcher


26. This prudish lady comes out at night - Evening Primrose

27. A jumper is the cause of trouble - Fleabane

28. Needed to sweep the floor - Broom

29. Scottish emblem for a pig - Sow-thistle

30. I need this to make gravy, right? - Bistort

31. She lives on the moors - Heather

32. About paramour - Clover

33. Not a tidy bird - Ragged Robin

34. Does Bob sprinkle this on his stew? - Herb Robert

35. She'd make a good dinner - Fat Hen

36. King's stamp of office - Solomon's Seal

37. Sounds reveille - Bugle

38. Be snug round about - Comfrey

39. Orczy says he's elusive - Scarlet Pimpernel

40. This girl's too young to walk - Creeping Jenny

41. Candle in E (anag.) - Celandine

42. If this happens, get out of the field quickly - Bullrush

43. She doesn't live on the hillside - Lilly of the Valley

44. What you feel if your train is on time - Traveller's Joy

45. Do they sit in the Upper House? - Lords and Ladies

46. A brightly coloured one for the baby - Yellow Rattle

47. Bovine Oops? - Cowslip

48. Marries with dandelion in a bottle - Burdock

49. You'd cross the Channel to put this in your stew - Herb Paris

50. Don't go to the doctors - Self Heal

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the quiz, watch this space as there is another in the pipeline already.

(1) Comments:

pat thistlethwaite responded on 29th Jan 2013 with...

Thanks for the ‘thanks’ - I really enjoyed setting the wild flower part of the quiz and have
already done another one (this time on butterflies and moths) for Easter.  I do hope everyone
will support such a good cause.  This winter has shown just how important places like Foxglove
are in helping our wildlife through bad times.  It’s super that our first effort has raised the
magnificent sum of £90 - let’s hope we can double that with the Easter one!

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