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Monday, April 28th 2014

Congratulations to Sue and Jo Poynton who are the winners of the English Towns South of the Humber Quiz. Congratulations to Mike Fenwick who also scored full marks, and to Garth Thomas and The Darwins who scored 39/40.

Below are the questions and answers.

  1. Brightly coloured waterway - Redditch
  2. An odd number of trees - Sevenoaks
  3. A chap owns this piece of grassland - Mansfield
  4. A mix up of what you wear - Ware
  5. Looks as though there are plenty of books here - Reading
  6. Is it twinned with Creepy? - Crawley
  7. The past tense of heave - Hove
  8. Robert, Earl of Leicester - Dudley
  9. Wear it with pride on S. David's Day - Leek
  10. Dave goes north to attempt this town - Daventry
  11. You need soap and a towel here - Bath
  12. A poet and an Economist meet - Milton Keynes
  13. How old are you? - Wantage
  14. Prime Minister from 1899-1902 - Salisbury
  15. Doctor Fostor took his brolly! - Gloucester
  16. Oddly enough it is nowhere near Epsom - Derby
  17. The answer comes from east of the town - Frome
  18. Looks like a large church for a Lion - Leominster
  19. A good place to cross the river? Looks like it! - Hereford
  20. Looks like Adam could use a slice of this for tea! - Evesham
  21. Is roast duck on the menu here? - Aylesbury
  22. He implored Ruth to look inside - Redruth
  23. You could find otters here! - Holt
  24. Two men met to form a town - Basildon
  25. Is this where Bernard Leech went to drink his beer? Potters Bar
  26. Newspapers no longer produced in this street - Fleet
  27. A necessary farm implement - Harrow
  28. Go here to find a pork pie - Melton Mowbray
  29. The Radetsky for example! - March
  30. Lord Patrick took photographs - Lichfield
  31. Either plenty of dogs or you're mad! - Barking
  32. Look in the splendid cottage - Didcot
  33. Did Noah build one on the river? - Newark on Trent
  34. A Learner would mix well - Ludlow
  35. Sounds like a holy woman has had her lunch! - Nuneaton
  36. The Kingmaker! - Warwick
  37. A Holy man mixed stone - St. Neots
  38. Is this sids town? - Diss
  39. Where cattle may cross the river - Oxford
  40. You have no right to rely on this city - Ely

Thank you again to Pat and Glennis who have once again compiled and marked this quiz for us.  It has been very successful raising almost £70 for the reserve! There is another quiz already in the pipeline which will be released on the 26th May.

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