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Wednesday, June 8th 2011

The rain wasn't going to stop pupils from Hipswell Primary School visiting their favourite Local Nature Reserve and it was well worth it! They had a wonderful time learning about all of the different habitats at Foxglove and which species live in them. Some of the pupils were lucky enough to see a pair of Redshank with chicks and a Water Vole up on the wetland.

After lunch a Common Newt was found during a minibeast safari around the new outdoor classroom. As you can see the two 'Nature Detectives' that found it were as proud as can be!

Children with Newt

What a special find! Thank you to all of the staff and children that visited today for your support and enthusiasm! Everybody was well behaved and some excellent questions were asked at the end of the day.

Common Newt

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Sue Regan responded on 9th Jun 2011 with...

We had a great day at Foxglove, thank you for making all the activities exciting and interesting.  I can’t wait to show the children this picture tomorrow! The other classes are already looking forward to their visits. I wonder what they see?

Matthew Crowther responded on 9th Jun 2011 with...

That is a very good Newt to find

Louise Pritchard responded on 9th Jun 2011 with...

What a wonderful finding and a lovely picture to see.

cameron hawkswell responded on 10th Jun 2011 with...

It was a lovely day out. I can’t wait to go again. What a lucky day catching a newt

Daniel hawkswell responded on 10th Jun 2011 with...

IT was a really good day finding the newt.I liked doing the mini beast safari it was cool especial when I used the magnifying glass to get a close look on the animals when I was observing the animals.

ashleigh responded on 10th Jun 2011 with...

Thank you very much for helping us there and bishwa and jack should be proud
thank you it was the best day ever and I CANT WAIT TO COME AGAIN!  😊
thanks again You might see me with my dad sometime

charley sadie brown responded on 12th Jun 2011 with...

i had such a great day and i hope the rest of the class did what luck finding a newt well done jack and bishwa.

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